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Botany Natural inspiration

The link between Nature and Health has supported and shaped human evolution. From the observation of Simples to the protection of the Planet.


Pharmacy The search for a cure

From the monk to the apothecary, the pharmacist to the researcher. A trade made of trial and error, dedication, and “secrets,” transformed into complex and organized science.


Shared values Generating health

Visionary pioneers, tireless workers. Chiesi is celebrating 85 years of growing achievement, pursued right from the start just as it is today—with passion.

Beclometasone diproprionate, molecule and symbol of the success of Chiesi Research & Development

Bird’s-eye view of Via XX Settembre, Parma, 1938

Notification to the Prefecture of the opening of the business in Via Crispi, Parma, 1935

“When I think of the first job I did, it makes me laugh. I’d spend entire days cutting the necks of the phials that came from the glass blower’s, because they were too long to be used like that.”

Carlo Serioli, former Chiesi employee


Demonstration image of the medicine Foscavit, 1950s

Demonstration image of the medicine Terebin, 1950s

“Soncini would cycle across the Emilia region, then onto Mantua, then as far as Cremona. He’d go to all the doctor’s practices to present the products. Only after five or six months of work did he manage to buy himself a Vespa.”

Carlo Serioli, former Chiesi employee


Giacomo Chiesi in his laboratory, 1950s

“That day, a Chiesi employee came around to my place. ‘Doctor Giacomo,’ he said, ‘is starting up again at the Fontanini and he would like you to join him.’ I accepted straight away.

I worked in the storage room. With me there was Anita, who lived there, and three other girls, Angiolina, Vanda, and Nina.”

Carlo Serioli, former Chiesi employee


“Thanks to that crate of opium and Laudano, Chiesi was back in business. Purchasing it had been a pure stroke of luck, as was keeping it safe until the end of the war. There were some forty kilos of opium and two demijohns of Laudano there. With those products, used for intestinal diseases, we saved the company.”

Carlo Serioli, former Chiesi employee


Farmaceutici Chiesi headed paper, 1950s

The outside of the Via Palermo factory, 1950s

Chiesi Research Laboratories in Via Palermo, Parma, 1950s

Advertising poster for the drug Parminal, 1950s

Inside the historical Chiesi HQ in Via Palermo, Parma, 1950s

Brochure presenting Chiesi’s Brazilian affiliate , 1997

Chiesi Annual Report, 2010

Extract from the brochure presenting Piroxicam Betadex, 1990s

Chiesi Research and Development Centre, 2014


Botany Natural inspiration